Sunday, March 25

Surprise Family Vacation!

My Dad and Step Mom called us last week to ask if we would like to come for a week long visit.

That didnt take too much thought on my part.....yes!!!

We will have a five hour non stop flight into NYC for a short layover and then another short flight to an airport a short distance from their house.
We are soooo excited to be flying into NYC...there is a possibility to see the Statue of Liberty from flying over.

This is a much needed break from life here.
No sewing for business or pleasure, not as much cooking (cooking at someone else's house is much funner), no schooling.....ahhhhhhhhh!

Seeing my dad and step mom, niece and nephew, brothers and extended family.
We have animal care arrangements all set up here for all our critters, my ex will give us a ride to and from the airport here, and EVERYONE we know is sooooo excited for us!


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