Saturday, March 24

Looking for another digital camera and family update...

Well, we seem to be faring well with our new life change in our family.
I may as well say....there has been a divorce.

We are now moving into uncharted territory but seem to be doing well.

We miss and love the man of the home but as I have been told "things change".

We are going full swing ahead into sewing for Lissilulu to supplement what income we get from my ex-spouse. So we can continue to home school and I don't have to do the *traditional* thing and get a job and upset our whole family way and put the older 4 children into public school and the youngest into daycare.
I am not talking down other's choices for doing those things....just saying; for my family this would be a major upset after what we have already been through.

Soooooo.....we are looking into another digital camera since my daughter's died and we need to be able to put pictures on our newly being created website and also our new Etsy store that looks pitiful with only 4 items. Three of those items are my daughters and not my own to boot!

We have a small pittance in the ole savings account, but looking at digital cameras that are worth anything I see that we have a ways to go.

One thing I have found out through this gray, broken family time is the love coming from online friends and blogger friends.....what compassion there is.

Thanks friends!
Lori and family

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