Wednesday, August 12

What do these things have in common?

For the past two weeks I have had quite the succession of very sick cats. We love our kitties dearly and it seems that when we volunteered to foster/tame feral kittens this summer we put our own pets in a very dangerous situation that most of them are fighting their way out of.

Colloidal silver
organic chicken broth

Dosing 9 cats 2 times daily with antibiotics, l-lysine water (blended up tablets in my osterizer with water), colloidal silver in water to drink and using Zack's nebulizer machine to mist watered down colloidal silver in a cat carrier so they can breathe.

Ask me how much fun I have been having? Well, maybe ask me next week.

Be back soon,

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Anonymous said...

I know how much fun you have been having and it hasn' been limited to the kitties sickness. you and the kiddies have had your share of it too. You are all such tough and relilient creatures! I admire all the areas of your involvement and am glad that you are choosing your battles now instead of taking on everything that comes your you all