Tuesday, June 16


Aliss made Tessa's birthday breakfast in bed.
Tessa was made to get back into bed fully clothed for the celebratory breakfast in bed. :o)
"where's my presents?"

....when your first born child becomes a full fledged adult, the world tilts on its axis.

First there is denial...
then acceptance.

Then a new kind of relationship happens~
respect becomes an even stronger element in the relationship
listening and helping with future plans in the terms of guiding
not telling, but listening happens.

Knowing Tessa was turning 18 and graduating has of course been something I have known was coming, but that didn't deter the emotions that have happened in waves these past several days. The waves of immense pride in my girl flip-flopping with emotions of longing for that long-legged little 9 yr old colt or the baby with fat rolls around the wrists...

Knowing she is considered an adult...knowing what a wonderful and remarkable young lady (woman) she is....knowing there are many lives out there that her kindness and humor will touch..

So many emotions and we haven't even gotten to the graduation celebration night...


Jackie Collins said...

Such a wonderful moment in time....Remembering the day I turned 18, then when you turned 18 and now your daughter has a turn...treasure it, Lori because before you know it ...you will be in my spot remembering these things too. My love to all of you. Enjoy the journey!

randi said...

I can fully understand how you are feeling! It really is amazing when our kids become adults. Expect your relationship to grow and to become closer friends.

Best wishes to you both!