Sunday, February 18

Week in Art--Day 1

I thought it would be fun to share some computer art my daughters have done or are doing while I wait to get a new digital camera.

Hannah's words ( 7 years old):
this is a house tent at night. It was made millions and millions of years ago....not for real.
Thats all I can think of.

Sophie's words (4 years old)--

It's snowing and a flower popped out from the sunshine.
The sunshine means its time to wake up.


Randi said...

These pictures are cute! I love the snowflower because I am anxious to see some green pop up from under our snow and cold!

I can't leave my Typepad address in my link, so I will leave it here:

Teena said...

Hi, Lori it is me Teena.

I just started a blog at blogspot

do you like blogspot better than HSB?

I love the pics~ love the flowers in the wheel barrow!

CountryAtHeart said...

Yep they are cute and they show it in there paintings!